Lifting equipment 

Everything within statutory inspection, repair and spare parts

Gram Vakuum Teknik specializes in lifting equipment, which means everything within problem solving, so the lifting device fits right to the individual company, both tailor-made with space and efficiency for you.

Gram Vakuum Teknik is also responsible for statutory service at the customers, so there is security at the workplace of all our customers. You can read more about statutory service inspection at

Gram Vakuum Teknik has its own workshop where we specialize in repairs of all types of lifting equipment, so your lifting device can be left with your employees as soon as possible.

Gram Vakuum Teknik also stores spare parts for almost all lifting devices, and it will be possible to get a replacement for defective spare parts the next day.

what you can find in Lifting equipment

Vacuum lifter

A vacuum lifter increases efficiency and protects your employees from heavy lifting in everyday life. Vacuum lifts not only protect employees, but also the objects to be lifted.

Gram Vakuum Teknik can help your company with solutions for your needs. In addition, we also carry out statutory service inspections, repairs and spare parts for most vacuum lifters in the industry.

Vakuumløfter af sten løftegrej
Søjlesvingkran til industri løftegrej

Swivel cranes, column cranes and overhead cranes help workers with heavy lifting during working hours. Which crane fits every company is very different, and Gram Vakuum Teknik can help with cranes for your needs.

In addition, we also carry out statutory service inspections, repairs and spare parts for most cranes in the Danish industry annually.

Electric lifts

Electric lifts or electric hoists lift with electricity, where vacuum solutions are not necessary. Electric lifts are used for eg. cross cranes and column cranes, but can also be used for many other purposes. Electric lifts protect employees from heavy lifting in everyday life.

At Gram Vakuum Teknik we help to find and create solutions for your business needs. In addition, we also perform statutory service checks, spare parts and perform repairs on many different types of electric lifts.

En el-talje med ledning løftegrej
Stige til industri løftegrej

Many different ladders are used in the industry today, such as stairs, single ladders, sliding ladders, work trays etc. Gram Vakuum Teknik can offer ladders to all your needs while providing statutory service checks to all these industrial ladders, as well as performing repairs and spare parts for them.

Height Adjustable Workbench

It is important that the employee is in the right position and work, and with these tables the employee can sit or stand perfect for every task. Tables that can be adjusted help with efficiency, but most importantly the employee’s health during the day.

Gram Vakuum Teknik specializes in statutory inspection, repair and spare parts for countless types of tables in the industry.

Løftebord / Hæve-sænkeborde til industri løftegrej
Kar løfter til fødevareindustrien løftegrej

Swingloaders are an important part of the food industry, which mainly has functions such as lifting and emptying food. Other models may have several functions such as weighing the food at the same time.

Gram Vakuum Teknik is an expert in statutory service inspection, performs repairs and has spare parts for most swingloaders in the industry.

Fall Protection

When working at height, fuses must generally be used against protection against falls, such as railings, screens scaffolding, person lifts, etc. If this is not possible, fall protection equipments are the necessary opportunity to ensure employee safety and health.

Gram Vakuum Teknik supplies solutions for case handling where other safety measures are not possible, but we are also an expert on annual statutory service of fall protection equipment, as well as repairs and spare parts.

Faldsikring af arbejder løftegrej
Område af Gram Vakuum Teknik

Where do you find us?

Gram Vakuum Teknik is at our customers throughout Denmark and parts of Sweden and Norway. We handle all tasks such as sales, service and repair.

We are also always ready for an emergency call, so if so, or if you have any questions, please contact us and we will find a solution that suits you.

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