Gram Vakuum Teknik is a Danish company founded in February 2010 and is today one of the leading companies in the vacuum industry in Denmark.

The founder and owner Jesper Gram has been serving and selling vacuum pumps for the vacuum industry for 25 years and has previously been employed by Busch and Gardner Denver (Rietschle) in Denmark.

The reason why founder Jesper Gram started the company Gram Vakuum Teknik was that he saw an opportunity to be able to create security, proximity and trust and maintain a high level of service to the many companies that use vacuum pump pumps and thereby reduce both the number and length of production peak in the vacuum industry.

Since then, Gram Vakuum Teknik has been strong since they got the prize Børsen Gazelle 2015, 2016 and 2017. A large part of this success also depends on the Gram Vakuum Teknik team;


  • Preventive service and maintenance.
  • Repair of workshops.
  • Pump renovations.
  • Spare parts for Busch, Rietschle, Becker, Leybold, DVP, Eurovacuum and more.
  • Loan pumps; Volumetric roots lobe pump,claw pumps, side channel blower, fluid vacuum pumps, blade vacuum pumps and more
  • KVIQCARE + Service Agreement

As a KVIQCARE + service agreement, you have some advantages like:

Discount on labor wages, discount on Gram Vakuum Teknik spare parts, discount on newly renovated vacuum pumps, discount on new vacuum pumps, guarantee on all service and repair, special access to our newly renovated loan pumps, prioritized access to repairs at workshop and 24-hour hotline support

Jesper Gram
CEO / Founder

Jesper has daily contact with our customers for sales and planning of service. He is always ready for a quick response.

Tlf: 40 52 09 97
E-mail: jg@gramvakuumteknik.dk

Laila Gram
Accountant and purchasing manager

Laila Gram handles purchasing, invoicing and accounting in Gram Vakuum Teknik

Telefon: 20 20 88 08
E-mail: lg@gramvakuumteknik.dk

Marcus Øuleé

Marcus is mainly to find out among our vacuum customers, where he stands for service and maintenance

Telefon: 61 20 94 34
E-mail: mo@gramvakuumteknik.dk

Ronnie Ellermann Pedersen

Ronnie is mainly employed to serve the lifting equipment, but he will also find out our vacuum customers.

Telefon: 51 27 10 97
E-mail: re@gramvakuumteknik.dk

Klaus Pedersen

Klaus is primarily at the workshop where he repairs pumps

Telefon: 23 48 01 45

Oliver Ditlevsen
Service technician

Telefon: 29 28 26 31
E-mail: od@gramvakuumteknik.dk

Service technician

Jørgen is primarily at the workshop where he repairs pumps

Service employee

Mathilde Gram
Economics employee

Telefon: 28 55 26 88
E-mail: mg@gramvakuumteknik.dk

Mathias Gram
IT- and Economics employee

Telefon: 22 26 25 14
E-mail: mg@gramvakuumteknik.dk